Malenfestiv Concluded; Auvenum Announces Entry Into Microvision

Malenfestiv was hosted in the Kingdom of Auvenum on May 25, 2019. The contest was designed to select an entry into the Microvision Song Contest, 2019 edition.

Malenfestiv comprised of all the four regions of Auvenum; the Federal District of Jyilzyem, the newly-added Solzem, the recently split North White Island, and the isolated Kir Islands.

Any citizen was given a possibility to suggest a piece of music into Malenfestiv. Prince Gilzem himself suggested the song “Let You Down,” by NF for Solzem. Kir Islands selected the song, “Nightmare,” by Halsey; North White Island selected the song “Te ka lali shpirt,” by Silva Gunbarhdi.

No one came forward to select a song for Jyilzyem, so Gilzem selected the song, “Inspiration,” by Unknown Brain featuring Aviella.

At 7:00 PM EDT, Malenfestiv took place. After all the 4 songs were played, there began a preliminary voting stage. Each region gave either 3, 6, or 9 points to each micronation of their choice. The scores were reported as followed:


Jyilzyem won the jury vote with 27 points. Kir Islands won the popular (public) vote with 6 points, but came second overall.

The song, “Inspiration,” by Unknown Brain featuring Aviella, will be representing the Kingdom of Auvenum in the Microvision Song Competition.


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