Bepistan’s “Vandalism” Accusation & Fabricates the Story

The official website of the Kingdom of Bepistan created an article and reported on swastikas drawn near the painting of the Auvenese flag at Kamuda Peninsula. Reading the article, a lot of discrepancies were noted.

The Kingdom of Bepistan calls the pile of rocks in which the flag was drawn on a “public park.” Truth is, Kamuda Peninsula is located on a pile of rocks at a beach in Brooklyn, NY.


The most appalling aspect was the swastikas drawn near the flag on the same rock. The truth is, Gilzem has a friend, who shall not be named. That friend has a brother, a year older than him. They both live in Manhattan Beach, and his brother is indeed a bit “off.” According to Gilzem’s friend when asked about his brother, he had this to say:

not enough negative words in the dictionary to describe him” – Gilzem’s friend

When asked if he would consider his brother to be autistic, he also had this to say:

“i wouldnt consider it, he is” – Gilzem’s friend

Gilzem didn’t shift the blame to a “special kid.” Gilzem simply did not draw the swastikas. His friend’s brother did. He gave him the paint when it was finished, since Gilzem didn’t want to keep it.

However, at the end of Bepistan’s sham article, it states:

​Gitman, if you’re reading, notice how
we exaggerate every small thing and
fill this article with things that aren’t
entirely true. Just like you!

This should put the Bepistan media into question, considering how improper they are able to report on certain “issues.” The writer of the article is unclear: it could be Matthew Laptev or Nicholas Fisher.

But Laptev or Fisher, if you’re reading this,

“Get a life. Thank you. Nothing here was exaggerated and reported how it was. Thanks for posting your story on your sham news.” – Gilzem



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