Prince Gilzem Responds to the Edelein Conflict

Due to ongoing feuds between the nations of Edelein and New Cymru, the MicroWiki front page is plastered with news about the ongoing conflict between Edelein and New Cymru.

Fed up with all these conflicts, Prince Gilzem I commented on the issue:

“It’s really embarrasing to the entire community to view two micronations play-fighting and simulating a fake conflict just as a trap to gain more attention. It’s childish, really. Personally, I am neutral in this conflict, mostly because I have no clue what is happening, but it pains me to see that Edelein really has not changed in terms of diplomacy. Don’t get me wrong- the monarch of Edelein and I are on good terms, however, it pains me to see that the same person who attempted to secede a portion of the Kir Islands and take over Cloverzem hasn’t changed at all. And to New Cymru- grow up, please. Not only are you making matters worse by responding to Edelein, you’re also simulating fake concepts, such as “weapons” which I doubt you will ever be able to use outside your imagination. And to both, please end your idiotic conflicts and aspire greatness together. This is a community, not a warzone. If Auvenum can stop feuding with Bepistan, albeit temporarily, you can do too.”

~ Prince Gilzem I

Prince Gilzem’s statement came not long after New Cymru’s response to Edelein responding to their “weapons.”


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